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Same Old Chic Chanel Makeup Confidential

The fashion house Chanel has launched a website Chanel Makeup Confidential, dedicated the brand’s makeup. The site shares the luxurious world of Chanel through beautiful videos that tells “stories” about products, how to achieve the look of the season, and interviews with creative director for makeup Peter Philips. Beauty products reach the mass, what doesn’t happens with clothes and accessories from fashion house, generateing, according to website The High Low, 3.1 to 4.1 billion per year to Chanel’s business.

A maison Chanel lançou um site chamado Chanel Makeup Confidential, dedicado as maquiagens da marca. O site compartilha o luxuoso mundo Chanel através de lindos videos, que contam as “histórias” sobre os produtos, como atingir o look da estação, e entrevistas o diretor criativo para maquiagem Peter Philips. Os produtos de beleza, que atingem a massa, diferente das roupas e acessórios da maison, geram, segundo o site The High Low, 3.1 a 4.1 bilhões por ano aos negócios da Chanel.


Same Old Chic Chanel Makeup

Short by/ Curta por Peter Philips, Chanel’s Global Creative Director for Makeup 

Yes, yes it’s out there, everywhere, but we can’t help it’s so cool, it’s so creative.


Sim, sim isso tá por aí, em todo lugar, mas o que podemos fazer, é tão legal, tão criativo.

Same Old Chic Blush


Passing by Pestiscos today I saw these beautiful photos, published in biannual magazine The Gentlewoman. Chanel’s makeup artist Peter Philips shows, in the model Abbey Lee, the different effects of the blush!

Passando pelo Pestiscos hoje eis que encontro essas lindas fotos publicadas na revita bianual The Gentlewoman. O maquiador da Chanel Peter Philips mostra, na modelo Abbey Lee, diferentes efeitos do blush!

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